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In the mythical land of Fantaxia, a group of heroes defeats the vile Overlord and restores peace and harmony to the kingdom.  However, a year later, with no villains to stimulate the economy, the kingdom falls into dissaray.  More importantly the heroes are out of work and can no longer pay their bills.  So what can a group of entrepreneurs do?  Become realtors!  Unfortunately, the only real estate that is currently available is the dilapidated evil castle once owned by the Overlord.  Now the heroes have a new job: clean up the castle, find a new villain to move in and then defeat said villain!  It's a brilliant plan, what could possibly go wrong?

Game Features:
-Start playing after the villain has been defeated.
-Fight rare, oversized monsters for crafting items.
-Build your own furniture and decor from the things you find and gather.
-Use the Mini-Transmogrifier to create almost anything you need! 
-Each character has a "side hustle" such as mining, fishing or hunting.
-Unleash devastating team combos to defeat your enemies and get EXP Bonuses!
-Temporarily adopt an orphan in order to lure out a terrifying beast!
-Don't feel like building furniture?  Just buy it!
-Are you lost in the game? Find the out-of-work therapist who offers a cheat sheet!
-Tired of exclamation marks?  No way! 
-Cook disgusting...I mean, delicious meals that provide buffs to your party.
-Make your own weapons and armor because nobody else is going to do it.
-Use the Item Tracker to find specific crafting components.
-Gamble at the casino, get into a bar fight and get kicked out of said bar!
-Hack and slash trash mobs, no random encounters.
-Find the Thief Ring and steal extra crafting items from your enemies!


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